Four Star Hotel Trim is located  in the heart of the city, just behind the Church of Saint Vasilije of Ostrog, in the shade of Trebjesa pine forest, which is a favorite resort of the Niksic citizens. Pleasant stone building surrounded by tennis courts, two large terraces and parking place, has 36 beds in four apartments with balconies, nine double and one triple and quadruple room equipped with rustic furniture made of precious wood varieties of Montenegrin forests. Beside of tennis fields, there is small sports hall, modern gym, and for after sport activities sauna, jacuzzi tub and polyclinic with internal, surgery, and pediatric ambulant, that are whole day available for guests. Just behind the hotel complex passes Trim trail that goes around the hill Trebjesa in lenght of 12 km, while just hill is crisscrossed with walking trails and panoramic viewpoints from which you can have a beautiful view on the whole city. The hotel disposes with the restaurant in which the fragrances of international and local cusine interwine, and what gives a special charm to the dishes is the cook stove on beech wood from which turns out incredibly delicious pizza and other specialties. For art lovers, within the hotel there is a modern art gallery, whose Arts Council consists of top artists of Montenegro. Each month, the gallery prepares a pleasant surprise in a form of art exhibitions, poetry evenings and socializing with renowned artsits from country and aboard.


Multi-day stay at the hotel Trim guests can use for the outdoor activities that will surely be a memorable. Seven kilometers far from the hotel there is an artificial lake Krupac with a beautiful beach and all the possibilities of practicing water sports such as kayaking, swimming and for those who love fishing there is a wide selection of freshwater fish. Guests who prefer a more extreme version of vacation will surely choose canyoning, adventure sport that is becoming increasingly popular in the world. And only 46 km from the Hotel Trim, there is Canyon Nevidio, real pearl that was visited by thousands of people last year. Hotel Trim provides to its guests the best and most professional bid of passing through this canyon famous for its beauty and for the fact that it is the last discovered canyon in Europe. Mountains gravitating towards Niksic field also offer unforgettable pleasure for nature lovers, a visit to the Captain’s Lake, tops of mountains Vojnik and Budoš, together with professional guides will surely stay an unforgettable memory for each guests of Trim Hotel. For those who want to afford pleasure not just for body but  for their soul too, they can make a visit to one of the largest Orthodox sanctuaries: the Ostrog monastery, which also can be found in the hotel offer.

You only need to visit us and to entrust us with your wishes, we are here to fulfill them.


Hotel Trim Niksic

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